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[mk_padding_divider size=”30″][mk_title_box size=”42″ font_family=”Yanone+Kaffeesatz” font_type=”google”]USEFUL TIPS[/mk_title_box]
[mk_padding_divider size=”30″][mk_icon_box icon=”mk-moon-stack-checkmark” title=”ACCREDITATION” text_size=”20″ style=”simple_ultimate” icon_color=””]Free event for industry professionals. Visitors are advised to complete their accreditation online to prevent queues on-site. However, there will be on-site registration available as well.
No entry for children under 16, even if accompanied[/mk_icon_box][mk_icon_box icon=”mk-moon-accessibility-2″ title=”ACCESSIBILITY” text_size=”20″ style=”simple_ultimate” icon_color=””]Access ramps and toilets for people with special needs are available[/mk_icon_box][mk_icon_box icon=”mk-icon-wifi” title=”Internet” text_size=”20″ style=”simple_ultimate” icon_color=””]Wireless network in all areas (Wi-Fi Zone in the foyer for visitors). Provided by the exhibition center.[/mk_icon_box][mk_icon_box icon=”mk-li-shop” title=”RESTAURANTS AND SHOPS” text_size=”20″ style=”simple_ultimate” icon_color=””]Convenience stores, restaurants and coffee shops at the Transamerica Expo Center (for more information  click here)[/mk_icon_box]
[mk_padding_divider size=”30″][mk_icon_box icon=”mk-moon-car” title=”PARKING” text_size=”20″ style=”simple_ultimate” icon_color=””]There are 2,500 parking places – 500 of these are covered – located on the same grounds as the exhibition center. More than 1,500 places within a 500-meter radius.

For more information on parking rates, please contact Autovagas at + 55 11 3044 1397.[/mk_icon_box][mk_icon_box icon=”mk-icon-taxi” title=”Taxi” text_size=”20″ style=”simple_ultimate” icon_color=””]There are marked taxi stands inside the exhibition center,(official taxi stands and stands for taxis via apps or voucher).[/mk_icon_box][mk_icon_box icon=”mk-moon-bus” title=”Hotel Transfer” text_size=”20″ style=”simple_ultimate” icon_color=””]Free transfer service for guests of the Hotel Transamérica São Paulo (Hotel – Transamerica Expo Center – Hotel)[/mk_icon_box]