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[mk_padding_divider size=”30″][mk_title_box color=”#000000″ size=”36″ font_family=”Yanone+Kaffeesatz” font_type=”google”]THE LARGEST ECOSYSTEM OF WASTE MANAGEMENT AND RENEWABLE ENERGY SOLUTIONS IN BRAZIL[/mk_title_box]

In an unprecedented initiative in the sector, Ecomondo Brazil and Ecoenergy will work together in 2019.

All the expertise of one of the most important fairs of green economy in Europe; Ecomondo Italy, will join forces with the biggest renewable energy event in Latin America.

The latest and trends on Waste Management (Urban, Industrial and Automotive) and Energy (Biogas and Biomass), in a B2B environment, bringing together industry professionals, service providers, research centers and public and private sector administrators.

More opportunities to meet leaders, buyers and influencers all around Brazil, more networking and a lot of business deals for you.

3 days of relevant content, exhibition of products and services and many business opportunities.

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[mk_padding_divider size=”30″][mk_title_box color=”#138456″ size=”30″ font_family=”Yanone+Kaffeesatz” font_type=”google”]2016 EVENT REPORT[/mk_title_box]

botao-balanco-2016The 2016 Event Report with the results of Fimai Ecomondo is now available for download. Here you will find more detailed information about the visitor profile and the sectors that are of interest to the public. Complete the form to download the report.

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