Why attend?

EXPERIENCE. This is the word that sums up the main reason for visiting an event like Ecomondo Brasil.
More than a chance to learn about new developments and launches, or take a closer look at the most current issues of the green market, the trade show is a unique opportunity to experience innovation, acquire knowledge and relate to the industrial environmental community.

The event provides 3 days of relevant content, the exhibition of products and services, and more than 150 brands, distributed over 8,000 sqm, in one of Brazil’s most modern trade show pavilions: São Paulo Expo.

In addiction the simultaneous realization with Ecoenergy delivers even more added value, with the innovations and trends from renewable energies sector. A true ecosystem of solutions prepared for you.

At Ecomondo Brasil you will learn from industry experts, develop your networking and discover the best way to make your business more efficient, reduce costs and increase your bottom line.